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I have for some time now been trying to use the Internet to find examples or answers to assignments or ideas in my profession, and has to admit that blogs or knowledge sharing in automation on the web is not as widespread as PC programming.

I just think there are too few blogs, and too few who share their good ideas. For I am convinced that if someone has a good idea and it is shared with others, you end up having a fantastic idea, both of which can benefit from. Therefore I will do my best to share my knowledge and ideas to everyday challenges, so that others can benefit from it. And the hope is of course that I too may learn something.

Hence this blog where I will share my passion for automation, programming, tech and indusrial IT with the world – free of charge.

I have +15 years experience in automation and machine building and about 18 years experience in programming. My primary tasks and interests in my current position is;

I program primarily Siemens SIMOTION and SIMATIC as a large part of the posts will address these.

// Lasse Hedeby